About Us

Trina.o1Trina West, RN, MSN, FNP-BC, BC-CP

Trina West is a credentialed integrative health care practitioner who approaches patient health from a uniquely individual paradigm. As a family nurse practitioner and metaphysician, Trina’s medical background enables her to assess the physical condition, while her advanced degrees in integrative and spiritual medicine enable her to identify functional medicine tactics for improving health.

Using various integrative health care modalities, Trina does more than prescribe a standard antidote. She works with each patient to overcome core obstacles, resulting in a shift that includes a healthy life of balance and alignment.


Individual Results

For approximately 25 years, Trina has worked with patients throughout the U.S. and Europe – many of whom have been referred by allopathic (conventional Western medicine) physicians and psychiatrists. For these patients, it is often a standstill in physical health or life status that becomes the impetus for seeking integrative/functional medicine solutions. By customizing care through a combination of modalities unique to each patient, Trina has enabled healthy outcomes for thousands of individuals.